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What is Art?

The audio piece below is a collection of responses to the prompt "What is Art?". The piece includes the voices of a diverse pool of individuals who offered their thoughts on the question. 

What is Art, 2016 - Michele Jubilee

A Conversation with my Grandfather


Installation with edited sound, my grandparent's living room rug and my living room lamp, 2019. 

The audio playing in this installation was an edited sound piece created from segments of a recorded talk by my Grandfather, William S. Hatcher, on Moral and Spiritual Development. My Grandfather was a mathematician and philosopher who gave talks at many Universities around the world. You can listen to his full lecture series here. My grandfather passed away when I was ten years old. This was the first time I ever listened to one of my Grandfather's talks. I pulled moments from the talk to emphasize certain points and ideas that struck me especially. The piece I created does not follow the specific line of logic that my Grandfather's original talk clearly illustrates. I aimed to abstract the ideas to a point where one could listen and relate to the questions and ideas that are brought up in many ways as more of a stream of consciousness. I allowed for pauses between ideas, where you can here his breath. I was struck by how much the sound of his voice and interacting with the audio in this way really felt like I could have a conversation with my Grandfather even though he is no longer here physically. The installation was meant to provide a moment to reflect and interact with the ideas presented in his talks. 

A Conversation with my Grandfather, 2019 - Michele Jubilee
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