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handle with care

A series of ink drawings on delicate, rough pieces of wood, all resting on a hand-made wooden table. This piece Handle with Care explores our relationship with technology and the effects it has on our mental health, relationships and self-perception. Visitors were invited to handle and hold these delicate drawings. This piece was featured in the UBC BFA Graduating Exhibition Weird Flux in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. 

I use my hands

line by line

to reexamine

to remember

to forget

pure form

generating the whole spectrum of colors


we create the best possible substitutes

to fool ourselves

a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional reality


I search within my fingers and sounds

pausing between words

a paradox

a constant reminder of a lack of answers


Mediated by the elements of our environment,

buffered by symbolic objects.

self aware, overlooking,

finding spaces

in between

to discover what was already there

manifesting through solid matter

a metaphor

internally and externally

a fragmentation.

One cell of a larger human body

-poem by Michèle Jubilee-

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