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Michèle Jubilee is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in both Art History and Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia. Her work explores themes of authenticity, the relationship between material and spiritual existence, and individual vs. collective human experience. Engaged in many ongoing projects, Michèle seeks to find and create spaces for elevated discourse and inquiry, often exploring the human body as a metaphor and poetic language.


For commissions and inquiries please contact via email.

To keep up-to-date on latest projects follow @michelejubilee or check out #artbyMichèleJubilee and #MichèleJubileePhotography on Instagram. 



I use my hands

line by line

to reexamine

to remember

to forget


pure form

generating the whole spectrum of colors


we create the best possible substitutes

to fool ourselves

a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional reality


I search within my figures and sounds

pausing between words

a paradox

a constant reminder of a lack of answers



Mediated by the elements of our environment,

buffered by symbolic objects.

self aware, overlooking,

finding spaces

in between

to discover what was already there

manifesting through solid matter

a metaphor

internally and externally

a fragmentation.

One cell of a larger human body